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Posted on December 14th, 2020 by Serious Mo
Louisiana Cash vs

Luizana Discuss His Latest Project

"Lousiana Cash Vs Luizana"



The state of Louisiana has always been on my music radar.  Growing up listening to No Limit & Cash Money I've always had this special connection with the sound of the south, especially Atlanta & Louisiana.  When I began my hosting, journey is was a song I use to love coming out to. This song would get my crowds hype because they knew that's when the party was about to start. This song was by a new emerging artist by the name of Louisiana Cash titled "Walk with a dip". I didn't know much about him at the time, but his hard work & dedication changed that quick.  Shortly after the song hit the airways, he was making his rounds and happened to stop in my city on a promotional tour for the single. I was then able to meet him and put a face with one of my favorite songs.


















​Over the past decade Louisiana Cash now professionally known as Luizana has consistently dropped hit after hit. His popular song "I'm from Louisiana" went on to become the anthem song for the state of Louisiana. Keeping the virtual world flooded with music & dope visuals he kept his fans satisfied.








Now we fast forward to 4th quarter 2020 and you guessed it, Luizana is still here leaving his mark on the game.  Despite the current pandemic Luizana has managed to stay busy.  He released his first single off the album "Whats yo name" Featuring Damar Jackson earlier this year. "Whats yo name " made its way to the airways becoming a fans favorite. This single set the momentum for the release of his new album "Louisiana Cash vs Luizana".


I was able to catch up with Luizana during the Atl Top 20 music conference in Atlanta while promoting his latest album  "Louisiana Cash vs Luizana". Check out the interview below. 

Introduce yourself to the world. Who is Louisiana Cash?  Who is Luizana?  


Louisiana Cash is the artist that makes the music that feels good. You know the party records, the riding music, the witty bars and lyrics. Luizana is that same artist, but the thought process behind the lyrics is a Little different. It’s more personal, the beats are a Little more darker and the music concepts that come from this side are more relatable for people.


How and When did your musical journey begin?


I wrote my first rap at 9 years old in the third grade. I got in my first rap group at 12, then another group at 14, and ended up signing to an independent label at 17.


How has being from Louisiana influence your image and music?


It’s the complete shape of everything I rap about. From the beats to the lyrics. Its everything I talked about, situations and experiences that I talk about come from things in Louisiana. Even the temp of the beats and ad libs.


When it comes to doing music what is your process?


My process is different, I like to beat search sober. I vibe and record loaded. Lol I haven’t wrote nothing down since about 2016 so its all off the dome. Then I come back and lay it again sober and listen to it again loaded to make sure people can vibe to it in whatever state they in.


This is your 4th album. What makes this project different from your previous releases?


Its different because this the first project I was able to blend all the styles I have into one complete project and the music makes sense.


On this album you have a few features can you talk about how these features came about?


I have features with Damar Jackson, BeatKing, Dee Jackson, Benji Banx, and Jayda Jaye. Me and Damar locked in out in Dallas and came up with the track on the fly. It was just a vibe. I knew BeatKing a long time from just grinding so making that track for the ladies was a must. Me, Dee Jackson and Benji Banx all from the same turf so we locked in and just represented where we from and Jayda Jaye also from da 318 so it was love on our record too..


Your album dropped this quarter what has the response been so far?


It’s been a lot of love. Everybody giving me good vibes and saying it jamming from front to back. Some songs for some people and some not you know. Its all good music though.


We’re reaching the end of the year. What are some goals you are trying to accomplish musically before this crazy 2020 ends?


I have one more project to release called “THE WARNING VOL 4”. It’s a all freestyle tape so that’s gone be pressure! 1 or 2 more visuals then we going up in 2021.


What can the fans be expecting from you this upcoming year?


More pressure. We doing everything on a different level so most definitely be expecting a level up. Also dropping a Louisiana Cash Vs. LuiZana 2. It’s gone be crazy!!


How can the music lovers keep up with you? 


instagram @lui_zana  twitter @lui_z_ana  Facebook @lui_z_ana

All streaming & download platforms just Search Luizana


Is there anything you would like to say to your current and soon to be fans? 


Thank you for rocking with me and all the support. 2021 gone be our year to run the rap game!!!


picture from facebook.com/LuiZanaofficial/

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